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Who is: SintheteX

The designers (left to right Jesse, Isa, DEvan) on the set for Toni Dove's futuristic film Spectropia, in which they play small roles as black market salvage dealers.

SintheteX's mission is to create fashions and accessories that are truly expressive and transformative, allow endless interchangeable reconfigurations, and inspire individuality. Towards these goals we collaborate on several lines of unique wearable creations in an array of exotic materials. In addition to our latex production line, we have a limited collection of one-off "future couture" designs from hats to posture collars to full length long coats. We also offer up the innovative and highly functional PodBelt, a stylish and customizable cargo system that can be slung across the hips like portable pockets. At SintheteX, we believe that fashion is not about material draped over an anonymous body. It's about how the clothing makes you feel, how it makes you react and interact with the world around you.

Founded in 2002 by artists Jesse Jarrell, DEvan Brown, and Isa Gordon, SintheteX premiered the first prototypes of our unique wearable creations at the Skin Two Expo, October 2003. Our collective's innovative fashions for expressive body adornment immediately captured the imagination of the many photographers, press, and fashion enthusiasts in attendance. With our home base recently relocated to Los Angeles, we've finally launched our entire latex line into full production, and continue to innovate along a number of vectors.

Our complementary and wide ranging talents have allowed us to combine cutting edge design and high-tech production in radically new ways. Each artist brings a distinct vision to the collaboration. Jesse's outrageous designs focus on accentuating the forms of the body, while creating unexpected organic patterns and visual transformations. DEvan's unusual pieces draw on futuristic, fantasy and military themes, to create bold and powerful images. His designs often incorporate geometric patterns or stylized symbols and blend contemporary cyberpunk styles with steampunk and other retro-future aesthetics. With her eclectic designs and delicate flare, Isa explores new ways to wrap and fit the body. Her designs often integrate the lines of the body to reveal and contain the flesh. She loves tools and created the first PodBelt so that she could be prepared for any extingency.

Our collaborative structure is freeform and unbound by rigid roles. Although we each have our personal strengths, for a given piece any one of us might instigate, develop, or refine the design anywhere in the process. In many cases we all contribute something to a piece, other times just one of us might solo start to finish (although even then not in a vacuum, but rather, accompanied by the hum of our collective feedback loop). We all find ourselves constantly shifting roles, trading skills, and exploring unknown territories.

Upcoming plans include an array of clothing and accessories in a wide range of materials including rubbers, silicones, plastics, leather and sinthetic fabrics. Anticipating the future, SintheteX is exploring designs that incorporate more functional elements and/or electronics. In our spare time we also continue to developing the Psymbiote Project, a cyborg performance persona worn by Isa and featuring wearable technology and SintheteX fashions. For more information, please contact us.


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